Tourist Inspiration Point Groenlo


Achterhoek Toerisme & Tourist Office Oost Gelre


Renew the VVV into a contemporary and interactive point of inspiration


Opened end of november 2020


The question

VVV Groenlo wanted to make its story of the “Battle of Grolle” (an important battle in the 80-year war) more visible. At the end of November 2020, a new inspiration point was opened around themes such as the Battle of Grolle, the border, the Grolse Want and beer history.

Our approach

First of all, together with Achterhoek Tourism, we determined the starting points for a Achterhoek-wide formula. In this way, the various inspiration points in the Achterhoek will eventually be recognizable as a joint family.
Together with VVV Oost Gelre and the municipality of Oost Gelre, we mapped out the stories and DNA of the region. In addition, the wishes and required functionalities have been mapped out. This led to a detailed briefing for the designer.
DestinatieX has supervised the entire project as project leader. We coordinated, supervised the design process, drew up a project plan and supported the financing (including thinking about possibilities, helping to apply for Leader subsidy, drawing up a budget). From start to completion.

The result

In the new inspiration point you will be taken into the story of the Battle of Grolle. A major battle in the 80-year war, the memories of which are still visible in Groenlo. Projections, photos and stories provide you with concrete tips for going out and seeing these memories for yourself. Through VR glasses you can be present yourself at the biennial Battle of Grolle event, in which some 1,500 re-enactors reenact this historic battle.

Via audio clips you can experience “the battle” from different perspectives: Prince Frederik Hendrik, a Spanish soldier, a resident and the children Harmen and Bregje. At a large round table over the fortified city you can operate levers that give you more information about experiences in the city.

But other themes are also discussed. This way you can learn more about the beer history of Groenlo; the cradle of the Grolsch beer brand. In beer barrels you will find information about this beer history and where you can visit local brewers. There is also attention for the “Grolse Want”. Knitting these mittens dates back to the 17th century and is even national intangible heritage.

You can get information about experience tips in the area in an interactive way via a touch table. The inspiration point also contains information about the immediate area and the Achterhoek region.