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The result: a modern inspiration point (visitor center) with the highlight of an interactive island table with projection.

When you concluded in your destination strategy that there is and remains a need for physical hospitality for the guest or residents, then the second question is in which way you can realise this. A physical location can have multiple goals, such as providing information, facilitating services (occupancy information, bookings etc.), stimulation of distribution of visitors or proactively inspiring guests to do more or different things than they intended. With these goals in mind, we have considered a modern way for Goeree-Overflakkee to achieve this. The result: a modern inspiration point with the highlight of an interactive island table with projection.

Het concept van de eilandtafel

You can inspire guests in different ways. A commonly used method nowadays is the use of touch screens, because here you can combine image and information in an interactive way. In the realization of the new inspiration point at Goeree-Overflakkee we have thought about a tool that goes one step further. The wish was to create something that can be used by guests themselves, but also by the tourist office staff to inspire guests. We have worked out the concept of an interactive island table with projection on this.

The interactive island table consists of three elements:

  1. A touchscreen
  2. Projection of animations on a scale model of the island of Goeree-Overflakkee
  3. Projection of photos and videos on the back wall

Magical projection

The first thing that catches the eye is a large scale model with which the island of Goeree-Overflakkee is shown to scale. On the model of the island are several landmark buildings that are printed in 3D. Examples are ‘t Blaeuwe Huus farm, Lighthouse Westhoofd or Fortress Prince Frederik. If the table is not in use, an animation is projected on the white model of the island. The buildings are highlighted one by one, the island is slowly colored in, nature is highlighted and a dynamic play of light and color provides a special spectacle.

Interaction with touchscreen

There is a large 42 ā€¯touchscreen in front of the table. As soon as the large start button on the screen is touched, the projection changes. A colorful background appears on the model on which all kinds of activities take place. The map is brought to life through animations. Seals jump out of the water, birds roam around, cyclists and walkers move around the island, surfers and sailors sail over the water and tulips bloom.

There are seven themes on the touchscreen, such as “Nature in” or “Cycling routes”. If you choose one of the themes, then only the animations that fit the chosen theme are projected onto the model. When you have subsequently chosen a theme, you will see an overview of all activities that fit the theme on the touchscreen. For example an overview of all cycling routes or an overview of all sporting activities.

If you choose one activity in this overview (for example the kite surfing school), the projection on the model will change again. The map changes to shades of gray and only the kite surfing school is marked on the map. For routes, the route is projected on the model.

Projection on the back wall

This is not all, because the third element is the projection on the rear wall. When the table is not being served, a slideshow of photos is playing on the back wall. But when an activity is selected, photos and videos of the corresponding activity are played. So when the tulip route is chosen on the touchscreen, the projection displays the route on the table. Large photos of the tulip fields that you can encounter along the way are shown on the back wall. This creates a triple experience. The projection also contains a label with the route or experience that is displayed, so that other visitors (who do not serve the table) can also be inspired.

The first experiences are very positive. Guests take extensive time to explore the various experiences on the island and quickly understand how the island table works. The average length of stay of guests at the Tourist Office has increased considerably. Because the projection on the back wall was overlooked by some visitors, we have included an additional indication in the touchscreen in the second instance. Visitors to the tourist office are positive about the use and employees are also enthusiastic about the possibilities to visually inspire guests. If a guest asks what there is to do on the island, the employee will take you to the island table and show you what there is to experience in an interactive way.

The map that was used for the projection was then also used on inspiration walls and on an experience map.