Cooperation & Renewal tourist offices Achterhoek


Achterhoek Tourism Board


Support in the cooperation and renewal of tourist offices in the Achterhoek


First information point and inspiration point will be opened in the first quarter of 2020.


In the Achterhoek, tourist information offices and Achterhoek Tourism are considering the future of information provision in the Achterhoek. At a number of tourist information offices, continuity is under pressure or are concerns of how an information point can retain sufficient appeal and added value in the future. For this purpose, various tourist information offices want to make the switch to a contemporary and interactive inspiration point or a renewed information point.

DestinatieX has been asked to act as a process supervisor. We hereby stimulate cooperation between the tourist information offices, we help to come up with designs for the inspiration point, support with the realization and financing applications, draw up project plans, etc. In the first quarter of 2020 the first information point and inspiration point will be realized.