Scenarios Hospitality 2.0 Doesburg


Achterhoek Tourism Board & Municipality of Doesburg


Develop three scenarios for hosting 2.0 in Doesburg


Report with a vision of inspiration from visitors and three possible scenarios


The question

The municipality of Doesburg and the VVV Doesburg (tourist office) were oriented towards the future and needed a new perspective. The request was to work out several scenarios in order to arrive at a VVV 2.0.

Our approach

We have had discussions with a limited number of stakeholders in the region. We also mapped the visitor and the changing needs through desk research.

The result

The result is a report that provides insight into the needs of visitors today. In addition, it provides a vision of inspiration and describes the instruments available to sharpen income and expenditure. The report describes three possible future scenarios including advantages and disadvantages and a financial elaboration.