Four innovative projects with projection in tourism

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With a guest who is increasingly looking for memorable experiences, projection increasingly offers opportunities. After all, the possibilities are increasing as well. Well-known are, for example, the “projection mapping” events, in which a building is used as a projection screen fabric for a spectacular show (see for example But it offers many more options. Below four applications in tourism.

Restaurant or bars: the story behind the dish is visible

For a while, “Le Petit Chef” has been traveling through Europe and can be admired temporarily at various locations. What it is? A dining experience you will never forget. You order your dish via a normal menu. But before the dish is served, “Le Petit Chef” appears in projection on the table, showing you how the dish is made. A humorous animation that brings your dish to life.

But more applications are possible. A variant of this is, for example, the CocktailFactory (, where you see how your cocktail is made by “little bartenders”. But it can also be done differently. How nice would it be if you could see the story of the drink on the labels on the bottles behind the bar? That’s the rationale behind this example:

Museums & Art: a wonderful light experience

Various museums increasingly apply projection. It’s a great way to tell an impressive story in an exciting way. In Paris, for example, you will find Atelier de Lumieres since 2018. Here you’ll find art performances that are told by means of video projection. Art stories are projected on 10-meter-high walls and floors in a former foundry.

Tourist office: Virtual island table Goeree-Overflakkee

For VVV Goeree-Overflakkee, we developed the unique concept of an island table with projection. When realizing the new inspiration point at Goeree-Overflakkee, we thought about a tool that goes beyond a touchscreen. We have developed the concept of an interactive island table with projection for this. The interactive island table consists of three elements: a touchscreen, projection of animations on a scale model of the island of Goeree-Overflakkee and projection of photos and videos on the back wall. This combination creates a unique form of inspiration for guests. Read the entire article about the interactive island table with projection here.

Retail: Display function with touch projection

A fourth application option is to stimulate the visitor’s senses while shopping. Experience will also become increasingly important when shopping. However, this is only used on a modest scale in the Netherlands. However, the possibilities are wide. For example, this example shows how displays transform into an interactive show.

In Niketown London it is possible to put together your own Nike shoes where you immediately see the end result on a real shoe through projection ( Another example is projection at the bottom of an escalator in a shopping center. An unused place where you can give great messages to the visitor ( Combinations with touch software not only give visitors a magical experience, but it also offers possibilities for deepening in a product by controlling the projection by touching the table ( = tQsudePyP5M).