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Fun, convenience and a seamless digital customer experience with MyMagic+ during a Disney visit

For several years, Disney has developed the technical function MyMagic+. The idea is to link numerous digital systems together to ensure a total guest experience. With a special bracelet (the MagicBand working with RFID technology) in Walt Disney World (Orlando) you have access to many functions during your Disney experience: opening the room door, paying for purchases, registering for a Fastpass or photo opportunity. with a Disney character or making reservations for shows or restaurants, for example. With the MagicBand you no longer need a wallet. It offers the visitor fun, convenience and a seamless customer experience.

The magic starts at home on the couch. After you have booked the Disney Park, you can create a profile on MyDisneyExperience.com and book numerous products services. This makes MyMagic+ your personal environment where everything is together and linked to your credit card or other payment service.

The MagicBand is of course not only fun for the visitor, but also for Disney. With a MagicBand you are much less aware of the expenses you do and with that it will increase the expenses. Also consider the enormous amounts of data it yields when visitors use the MagicBand for all their transactions. Which facilities do visitors use or not, how long and when are they in the room, what is the average spending in the park and what does or does not work in terms of marketing are just examples of this. This has already been possible on cruise ships; with one pass you can operate many functions. But the number of functions at Disney is even more extensive. And let’s be honest: a MagicBand offers more magic than a pass. It also offers Disney the opportunity to offer ultimate forms of 1-to-1 customization with the profile and the associated data in the future.

Imagine you take a photo with Mickey and Minnie in the Disney park. This is a memorable moment. You register yourself with your MagicBand and in this way you can request your photo later. This is linked to your personal profile (MyMagic+). So you can wait to receive a mailing in a while with that nice picture and the text: “Do you remember this magical time?”. Followed by a marketing campaign to come again and some custom campaigns with items that appeal to you personally. An ultimate way to connect the experience phase in the customer journey to a new dream phase.

MyMagic+ has now also been rolled out to other parks, but without MagicBand. The bracelet has been replaced by a card (Paris) or the mobile phone (Shanghai). The cost aspect will undoubtedly play a role in this. In any case, Disney is working on a seamless customer experience and personal customization in the future. And that in turn inspires us. Because why wouldn’t you think of a destination as a big cruise ship or Disney Park?

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