Design Tourist Inspiration Point Noordwijkerhout


Noordwijk Marketing


Realize a design and projectplan for a Tourist Inspiration Point in Noordwijkerhout


A design for an Inspiration Point in Noordwijkerhout


The question

Noordwijk Marketing wants to make the transition from information to inspiration with its Tourist Offices (VVV). The organization has started a design process for VVV Noordwijkerhout and has asked DestinatieX to guide this process.

Our approach

We supported Noordwijk Marketing in mapping out the stories and DNA (together with the volunteers and employees), briefing the designer and guiding the design process. In addition, we contributed ideas to financing options and set up supporting resources for this, such as a project plan and presentation.

The result

The result is a design for a new VVV Inspiration Point in Noordwijkerhout.