Tourist Inspiration Point Winterswijk


Achterhoek Toerisme & Winterswijk Marketing


Renew the VVV (tourist office) into a contemporary and interactive point of inspiration


Opening VVV Inspiration Point Winterswijk April 2020


The question

The tourist offices in the Achterhoek are working on a transformation from a regular tourist shop to a Tourist Inspiration Point. Achterhoek Tourism has developed a strategy for this and asked DestinatieX to implement this strategy by realizing a VVV Inspiration Point in Winterswijk.

Our approach

With Winterswijk Marketing we mapped the stories and DNA of the region. In addition, the wishes and required functionalities have been mapped out. This led to a briefing for the designer.

DestinatieX supervised the entire project as project leader. We coordinated, guided the design process, drew up a project plan and contributed to the financing. Until the moment came when the VVV could open its doors. Unfortunately, the latter had to be postponed for a number of weeks due to the Corona crisis.

VVV Inspiratiepunt Winterswijk
Touchtafel VVV Inspiratiepunt Winterswijk
VVV Inspiratiepunt Winterswijk
VVV Inspiratiepunt Winterswijk

The result

In the new inspiration point you get a good picture of various experiences in Winterswijk. For example, many images of Winterswijk can be seen. The natural environment is also reflected in the wood materials used, the colors and the trees in the inspiration point.

Interactive elements have been applied in various places. Changing photos can be seen in a projection at the entrance. At the storytree you can listen to stories from Winterswijkers. A guide proudly tells about the Quarry and 11-year-old Jorn tells about the gnomes. Further on you can see images of animals in the National Landscape Winterswijk in special viewers. At the Steengroeve you can view finds from the quarry in special drawers. On a special touch table you get an idea of ​​the sights in Winterswijk and the Achterhoek.

Mayor Bengevoord is enthusiastic about the renewed Tourist Inspiration Point. “Every year we receive many tourists in Winterswijk, who we want to encourage with the new inspiration point to discover even more than they had planned in advance. The special wall across the border region also fits in well with our close cooperation with our German neighbors. An asset to Winterswijk!”.