Inspiration point Ommen


Municipality Ommen & Cultural-historical Center Ommen (CCO)


Develop an inspiration point in the new CCO Ommen


A contemporary inspiration point in Museum Ommen

Ommen (Overijssel)

The question

The tourist inspiration point in Ommen (Vechtdal, Gelderland) will be housed in the renovated Cultural-historical Center in Ommen (CCO) from 2022. Together with the municipality of Ommen, the parties have joined forces to provide residents and guests with tourist information and inspiration in a contemporary way. The space is multifunctional, so that it can also be used in the evenings as a presentation room for lectures and meetings. DestinatieX was asked to supervise the project from start to finish, including the subsidy application at a European fund for rural development.

Our approach

We supervised the process from start to realization. We started with an inventory of the wishes, requirements and ambitions of the municipality and CCO. These have been incorporated in a briefing for the designer. We provided support in the selection of subjects, the content and the design process. An intended executing party has been selected via a quotation process. A project plan has been drawn up for financiers, including a detailed budget. A subsidy application has also been submitted to LEADER (a European fund for rural development). After approval of the subsidy, the realization has started. We provided support in writing texts, selection and production of content, supervision of the designer and the production process up to and including delivery.

The result

Upon entering, the large table about the Vecht river immediately catches your eye. On this, the Vecht river swings over various screens with push buttons next to it. Via the push buttons visitors receive tips about special activities and places of interest on and around the river. Such as sailing on the Vecht, the viewpoints, works of art and much more. Children can listen to special birds in the Vechtdal under the table. And through an audio story you will hear more about the history of the Vechtzomp.

Visitors can find information about routes, culture and history or family activities via rotating triangles. Information about nature reserves, castles and estates can be read on the walls.

The space is multifunctional. This means that almost everything can be moved. During the day, the space can be used as a tourist inspiration point, but in the evenings it can also be used for lectures or presentations. Volunteers are present to help visitors with their information needs. Ommen has thus realized a contemporary form of tourist information provision in a beautiful combination with the Historical Museum Ommen, which is located in the same building.