Inspirationpunt Landal De
Lommerbergen & Tourist office Beesel


Gemeente Beesel, Limburg Marketing & Landal De Lommerbergen


Develop a future-oriented reception / inspiration point for Landal De Lommerbergen and the municipality of Reuver


A contemporary reception and VVV inspiration point at Landal De Lommerbergen

Reuver (Limburg)

The question

In the municipality of Beesel, the interpretation of physical hospitality has been re-examined. Three arguments played a role for the municipality of Beesel and the DMO Limburg Marketing: the changing needs of guests in the field of information provision, a declining number of visitors at the location in the center of the village Reuver and a large-scale renovation at Landal De Lommerbergen. Nearly 95% of all residents in the municipality stay at this park.

For the three participants (municipality of Beesel, Limburg Marketing and Landal De Lommerbergen) this was the reason to consider how these developments can be brought together in a new concept, in which the reception function of the park and a VVV Inspiration Point are combined. The aim of this is to inspire guests about the possibilities of the environment and to allow them to do more than they had planned beforehand.

Our approach

DestinatieX was asked to contribute ideas in this process, to guide and support the design and coordinate the realization of a contemporary inspiration point in combination with a new reception for Landal De Lommerbergen. With the joint parties, we have developed an approach to determine DNA and themes. In addition, the wishes and requirements have been mapped out. This led to a briefing for the designer.

We supervised the design process and translated the result into a project plan with budget, which was submitted to the city council for decision-making. After the plan was unanimously adopted, we supervised its implementation. This concerns the selection of an implementation party, supervision of the translation from design to specification drawings, content development and everything up to and including delivery.

The result

The dragon theme is a central theme in the design: a reference to the dragon drawing in the municipality. Every seven years, a grand open-air spectacle takes place about the legend of Saint George and the dragon, and the dragon-slaying has been designated a national intangible heritage. The dragon can be found in various places in the inspiration point. Upon entering the reception, you immediately notice the huge dragon’s tail that slides through the space. The two dragon eggs with information about regional products and nature values are also special. Screens, display cases and various other techniques have been used in the eggs to inspire visitors. On another wall, you get inspiration by placing your hand in a dragon’s leg.

The result is a new concept in the Netherlands in which the reception of a holiday park is cleverly combined with the local tourist office function.