Visitor Center Heeg


VVV Waterland van Friesland (tourism board) & Heeg Promotie (local marketing organization)


Develop a contemporary visitor centre for Heeg and the broader area


In progress

Heeg (Friesland)

The question

In the water sports village of Heeg (province of Friesland in the Netherlands), the tourist office is prominently located in the shopping street. The tourist office has a play area for children, so that families can come here even when the weather is not so good (for example, those who are moored in the harbor by boat). The wish from the local entrepreneurs, Heeg Promotion and the VVV Waterland van Friesland is that the tourist office develops as a visitor center in which visitors are inspired to go out in Heeg and the surrounding area. Visibility of the local DNA (with a prominent role for the eel barge) plays an important role in this.

Our approach

We supervised the design process. We started with an inventory of wishes, requirements and ambitions. These have been incorporated in a briefing for the designer. We provided support in the selection of subjects, the content, the design process and the quotation process. A project plan has been drawn up for financiers, including a detailed budget.

The result

The result at the moment (May 2022) is a 3D design of the new visitor center and the necessary financing is also in place. The DNA of Heeg (and Friesland) is a key aspect in the design. Design elements:

  • There will be a ‘wave’ where information can be found about water activities in Southwest Friesland. By moving a boat through a trench, the visitor gets more information about a certain activity through text, photos and/or video.
  • One wall contains information about the center of Heeg. Information about tourist companies in Heeg and the surrounding area can be viewed via a map and a touchscreen.
  • The counter desk is reused and packed with used tarpaulin. This is repeated at a few places in the design.
  • The most striking is a stylistic eel barge. At the eel barge, children can let eels come out of the boat with information about the eel fishery. A video with historical and contemporary images of the eel barge is shown on the sail of the barge. And on a touchscreen in a wooden barrel you can get information about everything related to eel fishing and how you can experience this yourself.
  • A wall is dedicated to the seven characteristic cities. There are several buttons on a table where you can choose a city. When making the choice, an object lights up in a display case and information and images of the city in question are shown on a projection.
  • On a mezzanine floor, inspiration is offered on the theme of sustainability and the flora and fauna in Southwest Friesland.