VVV Inspiration Point Gemert-Bakel


Municipality of Gemert-Bakel & VVV Gemert-Bakel


Develop a plan for an inspiration point


In progress (opens Q2 2023)

Gemert (North Brabant, Netherlands)

The question

The ourist office (VVV) Gemert-Bakel is located in a central location in the center of Gemert where residents and visitors can go for information about the area. In a rapidly changing world, the wishes and needs of visitors (residents and tourists) also change. Digitization ensures that physical VVV locations are given a different role and that information provision and transfer must be implemented in an adapted manner. Storytelling, interactivity and experience are important key concepts here.

The VVV has therefore taken the initiative together with the municipality to come up with a new interpretation of the VVV to meet the contemporary wishes of the guest. VVV Gemert-Bakel also wishes to make a switch from information to inspiration and to create a kind of experience store, as this has now also been realized in several other places in the country. Themes are Gemert Principality, Farmer’s Life, Nature & Landscape and Land van de Peel.

Our approach

In this project we guide the project team in all steps to be taken. We advise on the process, possible implementation parties and provide briefings for the designer and realization party. We support in getting the content and key messages clear. We guide the designer and think along about financing. The entire design, all starting points and interactive elements are described in a project plan, which is used to support decision-making for the Executive Board and Council.