Renewal Tourist Office Vorden


VVV Vorden


Renew the VVV Vorden into a contemporary and inspiring environment


Realization December 2022

Vorden (Achterhoek)

The question

The VVV in Vorden has recently moved to an alternative location. At this new location with a limited surface area, the desire was to create a more inspiring space. A new VVV opened in early 2023, in which the castles and estates of the municipality of Bronckhorst play an important role.

Our approach

First of all, together with Achterhoek Tourism, we determined the starting points for an Achterhoek-wide formula. In this way, the various inspiration points in the Achterhoek will eventually become recognizable as a joint family.

Together with VVV Vorden, we worked on a briefing for the designer based on the stories and DNA of the region. DestinationX supervised the entire project as project leader. We coordinated, supervised the design process, drew up a project plan, supervised the awarding of the contract to an implementing party and supported the budget. From the start to the delivery.

The result

An inspiring environment has been created in a space with a limited size. This already starts in the shop window where a scene has been created of a bocage landscape with castle Vorden, flora and fauna, a walker, etc.

The furniture is made of oak, which enhances the natural look of the room. A touchscreen has been incorporated in the counter where information can be found about places of interest, restaurants, routes, etc. Subtle leaf elements enhance the natural appearance. The floor is used with a large map of the area. This shows the sights in the area as well as the route of the Pieterpad that runs through the municipality.

Inspiration can be found on a long wall on various themes that are relevant to Vorden, such as the water mill, the bocage landscape, castle gardens, statues of saints museum and transport options. The 8 castles route is depicted on the back wall. This is the oldest signposted route in the Netherlands and passes 8 castles and estates. By sliding a cyclist through a rail, you pass these castles and get information about the route as well as the castles and estates on the route.