Cooperation Tourism Enterprising Zeeland (TOZ)


Toeristisch Ondernemend Zeeland (TOZ)


Advise on the process and organization of TOZ


Advice on optimizing the collaboration

Zeeland (Netherlands)

The question

Toeristisch Ondernemend Zeeland (TOZ; Tourism Enterprising Zeeland) is the umbrella organization for tourism industry organizations in Zeeland. The participating parties are HISWA-RECRON, Koninklijke Horeca Nederland, VeKaBo and Stichting Dagattracties Zeeland. Together they join forces to represent the interests of the tourism sector. There are advisers from Economische Impuls Zeeland (development company) and Kenniscentrum Kusttoerisme (Knowledge Center for Coastal Tourism). TOZ has a supporting program manager and an independent chairman.

TOZ has asked to advise on how the collaboration can become more decisive and efficient and how the organization and communication lines can be optimized.

Our approach

We held individual interviews with representatives of municipalities, the province, the participating organizations and the advisers. Based on this, an advice was formulated, looking broader than just organization and process. Aspects such as ambition, interests and relationships have also been examined.

The result

Based on the discussions, an extensive analysis was made and recommendations were formulated to optimize the collaboration.