Tourist Inspiration point Doetinchem


Achterhoek Tourism Board & City Museum Doetinchem


Renew the tourist information and ground floor of the City Museum into a contemporary and interactive Historic Inspiration Point (HIP)


Opened April 2023

Doetinchem (Achterhoek)

The question

The City Museum Doetinchem and the tourist office are located in “the old post office” in the center of Doetinchem. The idea arose to merge the ground floor of the museum and the VVV part into one public meeting place. This creates a place where residents and visitors can learn more about the history and contemporary experiences in Doetinchem. In April 2023, a new inspiration point was opened around themes such as the city of Doetinchem, the natural environment with its castles and the Oude IJssel.

Our approach

First of all, together with Achterhoek Tourism Board, we determined the starting points for an Achterhoek-wide formula. In this way, the various inspiration points in the Achterhoek will eventually become recognizable as a joint family.

With the City Museum Doetinchem we have mapped out the stories and DNA of the region. In addition, the wishes and required functionalities have been mapped out. This led to a briefing for the designer. During the process, various options and walking routes were explored to make optimal use of the building.

DestinationX supervised the entire project as project leader. We coordinated, supervised the design process, drew up a project plan and supported the financing. From the start to the delivery.

The result

In the renovated VVV Inspiration Point, visitors can get to know Doetinchem in an interactive way. Upon entering there is a selection wheel with which you can discover various sights in and around the city of Doetinchem based on four themes. By operating the wheel, the projection on the wall changes and you get inspiration to go out.

At the “story tap” you get stories from the city of Doetinchem. By literally pulling a beer tap handle towards you, you will see videos or stories about the city. A little further on in the room, the Oude IJssel literally flows over the wall. This turns into a spectacular 3D street art work on the floor of artist Rianne te Kaat.

On the Achterhoek wall, visitors get tips about the wider region and you can create tailor-made routes using the Routemixer. Finally, the display cases of the museum have been transformed into interactive parts, where you can open doors and see experiences in the region through objects. On the other side is a touchscreen that you can move back and forth along various objects that symbolize a story.