Interactive route mixers Achterhoek


Achterhoek Tourism Board


Develop an innovative way to make visitors aware of the many route options


Realization of several route mixers in the Achterhoek


“With the Route Mixers we continue to surprise visitors and bring them new ideas. With this we want to increase the appreciation for our beautiful region.”

The question

De Achterhoek is strongly committed to the development of its route network. In addition to developing the network, Achterhoek Tourism also wants to enhance the route experience for visitors and inspire them to explore new routes. DestinatieX was asked to contribute ideas and to develop an experience concept.

Our approach

We first came up with three concept options to make routes visible in a contemporary way. We presented these to Achterhoek Tourism, which made a choice. The chosen concept (the Route Mixer) was then further elaborated. In the next step, a designer and realization party are involved to visualize the whole and to map the costs per route mixer. At the same time, we wrote a briefing for the software and selected an implementation party for this as well.

The concept has been tested and refined in coordination with four tourist information offices and Achterhoek Tourism. In terms of design, the starting point is that it matches the design of the new inspiration points. In addition, each Route Mixer will work the same in terms of technology, but will be different in appearance and in line with the local DNA. We supervised the project from start to completion.

The result

In the Achterhoek, so-called Route mixers have been put into use at five VVV Inspiration Points: in Winterswijk, Groenlo, Zutphen, Ulft and Lochem. A route mixer has also been realized at Camping De Vreehorst in Winterswijk.

The Route mixers all have a different appearance in appearance, matching the DNA of the environment. The Zutphen Route Mixer, for example, has the theme of the Hanseatic city, but in Winterswijk and Lochem the theme of nature is central. At Ulft it’s all about the manufacturing industry and in Groenlo around the 80-year war. The visitor makes a number of choices via various buttons and levers. For example, whether you want to walk or cycle, what distance and what theme. With every action, a sound can be heard that matches the theme of the route mixer. This makes operating the route mixer an experience.

After these choices, a carousel will run on a touchscreen, in which various routes pass by. The carousel stops at a route that matches the preferences as entered by the visitor. This provides a tailor-made route with more extensive information, such as a description of the route, a map with points of interest along the way, photos and the junction numbers. The route can be transferred to the mobile via a QR code.

Manuel Hezeman, director of Achterhoek Tourism: “Today’s visitors are increasingly looking for an experience and customization. Cycling and walking remain incredibly popular. Through these Achterhoek Route mixers we combine the two and want to encourage visitors to do more or different things that they intended. In this way we continue to surprise visitors and bring them new ideas. With this development we want to increase the appreciation for our beautiful region.”