Tourist Inspiration Point Lochem


Achterhoek Tourism & Tourist Office Lochem


Renew the tourist office into a contemporary and interactive point of inspiration


Opening march 2021


The question

VVV Lochem is located in the striking “Graafschapshuis” in the center of Lochem. The VVV wanted to transform its tourist office from a shop into an inspiration point. At the end of March 2021, a new tourist inspiration point was opened with themes such as nature, the Berkel river, castles and local stories.

Our approach

First of all we determined the starting points for a Achterhoek-wide formula (together with Achterhoek Tourism Board). In this way, the various inspiration points in the Achterhoek will eventually be recognizable as a joint family.

Together with the tourist office Lochem, we have mapped the stories and DNA of the region. In addition, the wishes and required functionalities have been mapped out. This has led to a briefing for the designer.

DestinatieX supervised the entire project as project manager. We coordinated, supervised the design process, drew up a project plan and supported the financing. From start to opening.

The result

Where in the old situation about half of the ground floor was used, the entire downstairs space is used for the new tourist inspiration point. In the new inspiration point you will be taken into the story of the municipality of Lochem. Through various walls you get inspiration about sights in the area. For example about the experiences around De Berkel river, the castles and estates or the special museums such as MORE in Gorssel and Ruurlo, Huis Verwolde in Laren or Museum Staal in Almen.

Via a touch table you can get information about experience tips in the area in an interactive way. In the inspiration point you can also find information about the immediate area and the Achterhoek region. A special wall focuses on regional stories, such as the Witte Wieven, the midwinter horn blowing or the Hooiplukker. By touching a book, you will hear a regional story through a listening horn.

A special eye-catcher is a projection table with 3D printed striking buildings. A map of Lochem is projected onto this, on which all kinds of things are happening. A cyclist on the road, birds flying over or ‘white women’ flying over. You can select these striking buildings or locations on a screen. The projection changes and the object is illuminated. Information about the place appears on the screen.

Finally, there is a Route Mixer in the inspiration point. Via a number of themed buttons, visitors can choose walking or cycling, a short, medium or long route and a theme (eg nature, heritage, etc.). Based on the choice, a customized route appears on a touchscreen. Information is displayed about the sights along the way, distance, junctions, etc. The information can be transferred to the mobile phone via a QR code.