Outdoor Experience
Holiday Resort De Twee Bruggen


Holiday Resort De Twee Bruggen


Develop a space where guests can explore the activities of the area


A new Outdoor Experience (april 2021)

Miste / Winterswijk

The question

Holiday Resort De Twee Bruggen is a five-star holiday resort in Miste (Winterswijk). The reception will be completely renovated in the winter of 2020/2021. De Twee Bruggen wanted to house its outdoor rental (rental of bicycles, walking sticks, etc.) in the adjacent space. This combined with information about activities in the area to inspire guests to get out and about. This space was now actually unused. It was a space with a pond, seating and the entrance to the supermarket.

Our approach

DestinatieX supervised the process from start to finish. We prepared a briefing, involved a designer and supervised the design process. But also the quotation process and selection of the partner for realization, supervision of the graphic design, writing texts, collecting content and all other activities up to the delivery of the end result.

The result

The result is a contemporary Outdoor Experience. The space has been completely transformed, with many images and information about the environment on the walls. Subjects such as the border, flora and fauna in the area, special places and routes are highlighted on these walls. Videos about Winterswijk and the Achterhoek are shown via a projection.

A pavilion has been placed in the center of the space. In this pavilion you can touch various Points of Interest on a floor map, after which information and images about the point of interest appear through projection. A little further on is a shop window. By operating a few buttons, visitors can get information about activities in the center of Winterswijk. With videos, photos and text, visitors are tempted to go out in the center.

Further on you can find a landscape photo of the National Landscape Winterswijk. A picture frame can be moved over four screens. If the list is placed over a certain screen, information about the relevant nature reserve appears.

Finally, there is a touchscreen on which information can be requested about attractions, museums, routes, restaurants, etc. There is also a special Routemixer integrated in the screen. By making a number of choices as a visitor (about route type, route length and theme), a tailor-made route appears. With a QR code, the route or other information can be transferred to the mobile phone.

The Outdoor Experience has been open since the end of April 2021.