Vision Achterhoek Tourism 2022-2025


Achterhoek Tourism Board


Support us in drawing up a multi-year vision


Multi-year vision 2022-2025


The question

Achterhoek Tourism Board is the Destination Marketing Organization for the Achterhoek region. Eleven municipalities are working together to strengthen tourism and marketing in the Achterhoek. The current policy period runs until 2021. That is why there is a need for a new multi-year vision that sets a point on the horizon for the coming years. DestinatieX was asked to guide this process and to draw up the vision in close collaboration with the director.

Our approach

In a number of internal sessions we discussed the developments and challenges for the coming years. This resulted in a concept vision that was discussed with stakeholders. The input that came from this has been incorporated into the vision.

The result

The result is an ambitious multi-year vision for the organization. Central to the vision is ‘Achterhoek: the happiness of the Netherlands‘. The organization had used this as a slogan for a number of years. The search for carefree moments of happiness is an important motivation for a holiday. The importance of happiness will only increase in the coming years. In the Achterhoek Prevention Agreement, the municipalities also go further than the national Prevention Agreement, by focusing on the happiness of residents in addition to health. The Achterhoek region is unique in this regard.

Stimulating to experience moments of happiness in the Achterhoek will therefore be the main objective for Achterhoek Tourism Board in the coming years. The focus is on four moments of happiness: moments of wonder, moments of connection, moments of discovery and moments of awareness. The vision was subsequently translated into four strategic lines:

#1: Sustainable Development
#2: Distinctiveness
#3: Personal Connections
#4: Carefree experience

The vision includes a Happiness Agenda 2022-2025 containing a concrete action agenda for the coming years.