Exploration promotion of water sports and water recreation South Holland


Province of Zuid-Holland


Explore how South Holland can promote itself as a water sports and recreation destination among residents


A visual report with four promotion scenarios

South Holland (province)

The question

The Dutch province of South Holland has a lot of water. Almost 1/6th of the province consists of water and it has an enormous diversity of waters. The Hollandse Plassen, Grevelingenmeer, Vlietland, numerous canals and rivers, Biesbosch, etc. There are many water recreation options on these waters. The province was looking for scenarios for how to bring the water recreation options in the province to the attention of residents. She also wanted to gain insight into the role of the province on this theme.

Our approach

For this exploration, we started with an initial meeting with various representatives of the Province of South Holland. We then conducted desk research into facts about water recreation, possible underlying problems or opportunities and the current appreciation of South Holland as a water sports area. Followed by discussions with various stakeholders: what is the need, what should promotion focus on, what is their view on the role of the province, what can the province do?

In order to funnel the broad question, we mapped the lifestyles of the inhabitants and selected the most promising target groups. The various phases of the customer journey were then mapped out and the most promising phases motivated. Finally, based on travel behaviour, the most promising geographical areas were also examined.

The result

The result is a visual report in which all these elements are brought together. This has been translated into four scenarios that match the potential target group and the previous analysis. The scenarios include an overview of the advantages and disadvantages, an indication of costs and the role of the province. The scenarios have been tested at a number of DMOs in South Holland. Where applicable, it was also examined who could carry out the scenario.