Hospitality strategy Vechtdal region




Develop a multi-year strategy for future-oriented hospitality in the Vechtdal region


Hospitality strategy for the Vechtdal (the city of Zwolle included).

Vechtdal (Overijssel)

The question

The Vechtdal region has made the theme of hospitality a focus point in its multi-year programme. There was a need for the next step: a vision that includes how hospitality (physical and/or digital) could be implemented for the Vechtdal in a contemporary way. The region also saw an important role for entrepreneurs. The main questions in this project were:

  • What are expectations and needs today with regard to hospitality now and in the future?
  • Which forms of hospitality are possible and which are suitable for the Vechtdal region?
  • In what way can the Vechtdal region optimally implement hospitality (physical and/or digital) in the coming years?

Our approach

For this vision, we started desk research into national and international sources about hospitality and the latest insights in this regard. Not only to give the concept of hospitality more context, but also to refute or substantiate general assumptions (e.g. “everything is digital”) based on research. We also studied successful cases. In addition to desk research, we visited various locations in the Vechtdal region and spoke with stakeholders. All this insights has been incorporated into the vision.

The result

The result is an extensive hospitality strategy. Based on four central themes of hospitality, we looked at the current situation, relevant developments and studies and possible activities for the Vechtdal. In doing so, we took into account the preferences of the existing target groups of the Vechtdal region, but at the same time also looked at future generations. The vision and strategy provides a hybrid strategy, in which online and offline channels reinforce each other.