Future marketing & informationmanagement Old Holland


Municipalities Zaanstreek-Waterland


What is needed for future marketing and information provision in the region Old Holland?


Comprehensive report on the challenges, assignments, organizational scenarios and recommendations.

Old Holland (Amsterdam Area)

The question

Over the past eleven years, the “Laag Holland Tourism Office” has carried out the (regional) tourist information provision and promotion of the destination Old Holland (Amsterdam Area). Many positive results have been achieved. This has resulted in more connections, marketing has been professionalized and various projects have been set up. There is the impression that there are opportunities to work with greater synergy on marketing and informationmanagement in Old Holland, whereby local and regional activities are more closely related. In addition, the tourist-recreational challenges have also changed in recent years. Finally, there are also changes in the financing of the organization. DestinatieX was therefore asked to explore the future developments in terms of marketing and information provision, what the region should respond to (ambition), what the optimal division of roles and tasks would be (who does what) and how this should be done. translated into structure and financing.

Our approach

For this exploration, we used desk research in combination with discussions with stakeholders. The desk research phase consisted on the one hand of reviewing local and regional visions and policy documents that are relevant to this exploration. On the other hand, from national and international studies in the field of marketing and information provision. In addition, discussions were held with more than 30 stakeholders, discussing topics such as experiences, needs, opportunities and challenges, roles, brands and structure.

The result

The result is an extensive report about destination management in which attention is paid to:

  • The changing market
  • The challenges for Laag Holland
  • The strategic tasks
  • Organizational principles and scenarios
  • Financing
  • Collaboration options