Visitor Center DRU Industrial Park


Achterhoek Toerisme & DRU Industriepark Ulft


Vernieuw de VVV tot een eigentijds en interactief inspiratiepunt in combinatie met een bezoekerspunt voor het DRU Industriepark


Nieuw Inspiratiepunt voor het DRU Industriepark en de Oude IJsselstreek geopend op 2 juli 2020


The question

The tourist offices in the Achterhoek region are working on a transformation from a regular shop to an Inspiration Point. Achterhoek Tourism has developed a strategy for this and asked DestinatieX to implement this strategy by realizing a VVV Inspiration Point at the DRU Industrial Park in Ulft.

Our approach

First of all, together with Achterhoek Tourism, we determined the starting points for a Achterhoek-wide formula. In this way, the various inspiration points in the Achterhoek will eventually be recognizable as a joint family.

Together with the DRU Industrial Park and the municipality of Oude IJsselstreek, we have mapped out the stories and DNA of the region. In addition, the wishes and required functionalities have been mapped out. This led to a briefing for the designer.

DestinatieX supervised the entire project as project leader. We coordinated, guided the design process, drew up a project plan and contributed to the financing. Until the moment came that the VVV could open its doors in July 2020.

The result

In the new inspiration point you get an interactive taste of the DRU Industriepark and Oude IJsselstreek and surroundings. The industrial style of the DRU has been translated into a design by the use of robust oak and steel.

Upon entering you will receive an overview of the DRU Industrial Park. With levers you can get an impression of the situation then and now per building in the park through projections. In another room you will find a large steel wall with display cases. It shows objects from CIVON and a temporary exhibition. On touchscreens you can find more information about the present, past and future of the DRU Industrial Park.

In addition to the familiar routes, brochures and souvenirs, there is a lot of news to be found. For example, a meeting table has been created, in which a touchscreen has been incorporated with inspiration about the Achterhoek and the Oude IJsselstreek.

In the section “Seven League Boots” you can take big steps through the environment. By stepping on a map of the area at certain places, you get an impression of the sights in the area through projection. But many other discovery elements have also been incorporated into the inspiration point. For example, you can explore the history of the Achterhoek on a wall by opening special drawers in which objects from Min40celcius can be found. On the wall next to it you can get an impression of the castles and estates in the area with a slider. There is also information about the Oude IJssel, the border region, the Achterhoek and audio stories from residents of the Oude IJsselstreek can be heard.