We are 100% carbon neutral.

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77°13'16.7"S, 165°25'15.5"E

We compensate 100% of our ecological footprint through a partnership with TreesForAll.

100% klimaatneutraal

Future-proof destinations also think about a sustainable world. That is why we believe that as DestinatieX we should also play a role in the field of sustainability. We do this in the following ways:

  • We use 100% green energy, generated in Dutch wind and solar parks and our own solar energy generation.
  • We compensate our CO2 emissions: energy, gas, car kilometers, paper, printing, etc.
  • We donate extra CO2 compensation to contribute to a better environment.
  • We work almost completely digitally and if printing is necessary, we use paper with an FSC quality mark.
  • We use low-power hardware that automatically shuts down.
  • We use LED lighting.
  • We separate our waste (paper, organic waste, PMD).
  • We bank with Bunq; one of the most sustainable banks in the Netherlands (source: Fair Bank Guide).
  • We compensate our energy consumption with solar panels (October 2023) and a hybrid heat pump (January 2024).

We offset our CO2 emissions through a partnership with Trees for All. Every year, trees are planted on behalf of DestinatieX in sustainable forest projects. With all the measures in place, we can proudly say: DestinatieX is 100% climate neutral.

Partner of the Leefstijlvinder

In collaboration with eight provinces, MarketResponse Marktvinders has found seven lifestyles. These lifestyles show what people need in their free time or on holiday. And what the differences are. One person wants peace and regularity, the other wants hustle and bustle and sensation. We not only know what these lifestyles look like, we also know where in the Netherlands they live. DestinatieX is a strategic partner of the Leefstijlvinder. For more information, visit www.leefstijlvinder.nl.

A selection of our projects


An inspirational wall has been realized in the new reception of camping Vreehorst. The wall contains, among other things, an interactive touchscreen with tips about the area and a route mixer with which guests can get a tailor-made route.

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Amsterdam works! helps residents to reduce their distance to the labor market. A sustainable career (and working in sustainable sectors) is central to the new Green Room. The organization was looking for an inspiring way to lead visitors to the Green Room.

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Achterhoek (Gelderland)

The Achterhoek needed an ambitious vision of routes with a horizon of 2035

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South-Holland (province in the Netherlands)

The Province of South Holland was looking for support with the Recreation & Sports policy evaluation for the period 2019-2023.

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Roeselare (Flanders/Belgium)

Brouwerij Rodenbach was looking for support in the realization of an experience tour and the Blend Your Own Rodenbach Experience.

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Laag Holland (province of North-Hollland; Netherlands)

The Waterland region has a tourist structure in which many parties are responsible for marketing and information. DestinatieX has been asked to explore how this structure can be made more effective.

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Braamt (Achterhoek)

Landal Stroombroek wanted to bundle a variety of information sources and senders into one interactive inspiration wall about the area for guests.

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Zuid-Holland (province in the Netherlands)

We support the Province of South Holland in interim capacity for the role of tourism policy officer. Themes such as destination management, data & research and regenerative tourism play a role in this.

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Bronckhorst (Achterhoek)

The municipality of Bronckhorst needed an interim policy evaluation. Are we still doing the right things the right way? We mainly looked at content and process.

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Doetinchem (Achterhoek)

The Doetinchem Tourism Board (part of Stadsmuseum Doetinchem) wanted a renovated space, where the museum and inspiration point would merge into one another. By realizing the inspiration point, an inspiring meeting space has been created for residents and guests.

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