A selection of our projects

Achterhoek region

Upgrade Tourist Transfer Points (TOP 2.0)

There are 33 Tourist Transfer Points in the Achterhoek region. The wish was to develop these locations into a contemporary form, in which entrepreneurs will also play a more important role.

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Old Holland (Amsterdam Area)

Vision marketing & informationmanagement Old Holland

Various municipalities in the Laag Holland region have been working together for more than 10 years to promote the area. Opportunities are being seen for more cooperation, but there was also a need for advice on future-proof marketing and information provision.

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Vechtdal (Overijssel)

Hospitality strategy Vechtdal region

Hospitality is an important focus point in the Vechtdal in the new multi-year strategy. There was a need for a vision on hospitality, both digitally and physically. And also for a specific action programme.

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South Holland (province)

Exploration promotion of water sports and water recreation South Holland

The Province of South Holland was looking for scenarios for how to bring the water recreation options in the province to the attention of residents. They also wanted to gain insight into the role of the province on this theme.

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Vision Achterhoek Tourism 2022-2025

Achterhoek Tourism needed a new multi-year vision that puts a dot on the horizon for the coming years. DestinatieX was asked to guide this process and to draw up the vision in collaboration with the organization.

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Miste / Winterswijk

Outdoor Experience
Holiday Resort De Twee Bruggen

Holiday Resort De Twee Bruggen wanted to accommodate its outdoor rental in a new space and combine this with information about the area. The result is an interactive "Outdoor Experience".

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West Flanders (Belgium)

Coaching information offices West Flanders

In Flanders, various information offices are starting a renewal process to make the switch from information to inspiration. We coach a number of these information offices to come up with a project.

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Interactive route mixers Achterhoek

Achterhoek Tourism wanted to bring the route options in the region to the attention of visitors in an experiential way. DestinatieX developed an interactive concept and guided the project through to realization.

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Interim policy officer tourism South-Holland

We support the Province of South Holland in interim capacity for the role of tourism policy officer. Themes such as destination management, knowledge & research and supra-regional cooperation play a role in this.

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Gemert (North Brabant, Netherlands)

VVV Inspiration Point Gemert-Bakel

The municipality and VVV Gemert-Bakel have jointly taken the initiative to develop a plan for a contemporary point of inspiration around themes such as Gemert Principality, Farmer's Life and Land van de Peel.

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Heeg (Friesland)

Visitor Center Heeg

The VVV Waterland van Friesland (tourism board), OVH2000 (entrepreneurs' association) and Heeg Promotie (local marketing organization) jointly want to realize a contemporary visitor center for residents and tourists on themes such as eel fisheries, the national landscape and the 7 cities.

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