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Tourist Inspiration Point Lochem

VVV Lochem wanted to transform its story from a VVV shop into a point of inspiration. At the end of March 2021, a new tourist inspiration point was opened around themes such as nature, the Berkel river, castles and regional stories.

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Experience wall
Camping Vreehorst

An inspirational wall has been realized in the new reception of camping Vreehorst. The wall contains, among other things, an interactive touchscreen with tips about the area and a route mixer with which guests can get a tailor-made route.

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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Vision of physical hospitality
the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) there are 25 tourist information locations (visitor centers). During an exploration we mapped out the existing situation, described the changing visitor and what this means for physical hospitality in the future.

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Scenarios Hospitality 2.0 Doesburg

The municipality of Doesburg is looking for a kind of hospitality that is contemporary on the one hand, but at the same time also feasible in terms of cost. Different levels of hospitality are highlighted in three scenarios.

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Tourist Inspiration Point Groenlo

VVV Groenlo wanted to make its story of the "Battle of Grolle" (an important battle in the 80-year war) more visible. At the end of November 2020, a new inspiration point was opened around themes such as the Battle of Grolle, the border, the Grolse Want and beer history.

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Gemeente Lochem

Vision VVV Lochem

The municipality of Lochem has identified a number of focuspoints in its Vision Recreation & Tourism, including further development of the VVV (tourist office). The question was to develop a multi-year vision for VVV Lochem.

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Duin- en Bollenstreek

Exploration for a regional marketing
organization in the Duin- en Bollenstreek area

After the region has fleshed out a brand strategy for the Duin- en Bollenstreek (Dune and bulb area), DestinatieX was asked to explore how this can be organized.

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Visitor Center DRU Industrial Park

The tourist information center in Ulft is situated at the historical DRU Industrial Park. A new visitor center which is interesting for tourists and visitors of the DRU Industrial Park as well.

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Reuver (Limburg)

Inspirationpunt Landal De Lommerbergen & Tourist office Beesel

Development of a future-proof reception at bungalowpark Landal De Lommerbergen in Reuver (municipality of Beesel), where the space is uniquely furnished as a reception, but also as a tourist information point for the area.

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Ommen (Overijssel)

Inspiration point Ommen

In Ommen (region Vechtdal, Overijssel in the Netherlands) the Tourist Information Point will be housed at the Cultural-historical Center Ommen. This new point will be set up as an inspiration point.

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Achterhoek region

Upgrade Tourist Transfer Points (TOP 2.0)

There are 33 Tourist Transfer Points in the Achterhoek region. The wish was to develop these locations into a contemporary form, in which entrepreneurs will also play a more important role.

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