Experience; a memorable situation
that touches people.

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By making the stories and identity of your destination visual and interactive, they end up stronger in the memory of the visitor and exceed expectations.


Today’s visitor (resident or guest) wants to spend the scarce leisure time as optimally as possible. They are looking for new experiences and carefree moments of happiness. Experiences that touch you emotionally because, for example, they surprise you, enrich you, connect with like-minded people or simply offer entertainment. In other words: visitors are looking for experience and inspiration.

In addition, visitors increasingly want to gain authentic experiences. You can do this by offering experiences that logically match the identity of a destination. By having a good image of your identity, you can stay close to the values of your destination and also create distinctive character. You can load this identity with local stories: stories about places, products, people or sagas and legends. And you can transform these stories then to experiences. By offering authentic and identity-related experiences, the visitor will more appreciate the destination, become more loyal and share the positive experiences with others.

DestinatieX can support in the development of authentic experience projects. This includes making routes experienceable, experience receptions or the interactive experience of a recreational area. We can think along in concept development or we can fully supervise and implement the project.

Inspiration of visitors

We also apply the trend of experience and authenticity to physical hospitality. Especially in a time where sometimes everything seems to go digitally, we see that visitors value a personal approach. If a tourist information point or visitor center (or VVV in Dutch) wants to remain relevant in the future, it is important to offer added value in relation to digital channels. This can be done by telling stories, offering optimal service and mixing physically and digitally in a logical manner. But above all: by offering customized inspiration.

At various destionations in the Netherlands we are transforming tourist information points/visitor centers into contemporary inspiration points, brand stores or experience centers. We can also contribute ideas to the development of an information- or inspiration strategy or alternative ways of hospitality, in a way that visitors can access actual information and inspiration at any time and place.

Curious about what we can do for your destination? View our experience and inspiration projects.

Arnhem, Nijmegen & Betuwe

We support Tourism Veluwe Arnhem Nijmegen to come to a new contemporary interpretation of the information strategy through inspiration walls and points of inspiration.

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Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

In the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) there are 25 tourist information locations (visitor centers). During an exploration we mapped out the existing situation, described the changing visitor and what this means for physical hospitality in the future.

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At Goeree-Overflakkee we developed a spectacular VVV Inspiration Point where guests can gain inspiration about the island. The Tourist Office contains numerous elements of experience and is unique in the Netherlands.

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We support Achterhoek Tourism in the renewal of various tourist information offices. We do this through a collaboration program, design processes and support in the realization of information points and inspiration points.

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Based on a vision we developed on the DMO, VVV Noordwijkerhout and Marketing Noordwijk have decided to merge. We developed a merger plan and supervised the merger process.

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